3 Awesome Vaporizers



The main feature of the Haze is the dual bowl system which you are able to use at the same time for vape concentrates and dried herbs at different temperatures. This is perfect for vapors that want a high quality and flavoursome vapor according to vaporizerwizard.com.

The Haze also has a mouthpiece which can be stored inside the device so that it doesn’t break. The Haze vaporizer is then a quality unit that incorporates groundbreaking technology and is must for vaporizer enthusiast.

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo has a reputation of being one of the best portable vaporizers. This vaporizer uses a glass cyclone bowl so that herbs are truly vaporizes each time.

The Arizer Solo has only the one herb chamber, but produces clean and flavoursome draws every time. The vaporizer is easy to use and is able to reach temperatures in just two minutes.

Pinnacle Pro

The Pinnacle Pro can be used with the hydro tube kit, which is highly recommended.

The hydro tube is a plastic tube which can be attached to the top of the unit. This makes the vapor come out a lot cleaner and thicker. Those that have used the hydro tube kit with the Pinnacle claim that it is the most premium vaping experience.

The Pinnacle Pro is a high quality product that actually lives up to the hype around it. It is a solid vaporizer and can be used by novices and experts.

These are three highly recommended portable vaporizers because of the quality of the vape and the solid designs.

Vaping is a great experience as you will inhale the vapor that is produced by the herbs or concentrates. These portable vaporizers can be used anywhere and everywhere whenever you need to vape. The vape itself is like a mist that is almost odorless and doesn’t leave a lingering smell in the air.

The portable vaporizers can be put in your bag and taken with you.

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