Volcano Vaporizer in aroma therapy

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In this weeks article i want to talk about the use of the Volcano Vaporizer in aroma therapy for a bit. While im typing up this article i can already see the huge question mark in the faces of most readers. “WTF is aroma therapy?”. I was wondering the same since i saw this term popping up in association with the Volcano Vaporizer all the time but had no clue what its all about.

Aroma therapy is the practice of using essential oils for improving psychological and physical health. Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from leaves, stems, roots, bark, or other parts of various plants. These potent extracts are shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-septic and various other medicinal advantages.

There are tons of ways to use essential oil for personal well-being, such as adding it to bath-water, using it as masage-oil additive, natural bug-repellent or inhaling it. And this is where the Volcano Vaporizer comes into play!

The Volcano isnt limited to a variety of herbs but it can also vaporize essential oils too. In fact it is much more effective than other means of inhalation that are common in aroma therapy, such as steam inhalation or oil burners. Due to the nature of the vaporization method you need to use less material and have more control over the vaporization temperature applied to it.

If you plan to use the Volcano Vaporizer for aroma therapy though, make sure to use only essential oils that have been certified for aroma therapy and that are 100% pure. Apparently some manufacturers use chemicals in their essential oils which can be potentially dangerous if inhaled. So make sure you buy the good stuff!

Personally i find this field fascinating and im planning to buy some essential oils myself in the future to get a first-hand experience of inhaling these oils.


Netherlands for Nobel peace prize

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I just got word that the pro-cannabis organisation NORML has proposed the Netherlands for Nobel peace prize.

They do this to raise awareness to the progressive Netherlands drug politics and the futility of the world wide War on Drugs. I think this is a great thing and want to support this!

Please check out the site http://www.netherlands4nobel.org/ and support this any way you can.

Its definitely time for a change in the world!


Volcano Vaporizer in molecular gastronomy

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Hey Folks, welcome back in the New Year! I hope you all had nice holidays and enjoyed the time with your families.

Today i want to talk about a field thats not usually associated with the Volcano Vaporizer, but in which the Volcano still gets put to use nevertheless. Its gastronomy! Yes you heard me right.

Chefs in restaurants use the ability of the Volcano Vaporizer to apply controlled heat to herbs to get a desired flavour into their foods. Awesome, isn´t it?

But the Volcano Vaporizer is also used in a special field of gastronomy thats known as molecular cuisine or molecular gastronomy. Now you may wonder what is molecular gastronomy? In the purest sense of the word, molecular gastronomy is scientific discipline involving the study of physical and chemical processes that occur in cooking.

But it is also used to describe a new style of cooking that emerged in the late 1990s. Chefs began to explore new possibilities in the kitchen by embracing science, research, technological advances in equipment and experimenting with various natural gums and hydrocolloids produced by the commercial food processing industry.

A famous chef of the molecular gastronomy movement is the chef of the El Bulli restaurant in spain, Ferran adria. Adria is famous for his thirty course gourmet menue, creating culinary foam and was also one of the first to use a Volcano Vaporizer for gastronomic experimentation.

Many molecular chefs are now following in the footsteps of famed chef Ferran Adria of el Bulli Restaurant in Spain and using the Volcano to add flavoring to their food. He is considered one of the best chefs in the world and tops the European Restaurant Ranking.

Personally i find it amazing in how many different fields the Volcano Vaporizer gets used and what different kind of people can benefit from it. It is truly a scientific miracle for me!


Merry X-mas & Happy new Year!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year Y’all!

It was a good year for Volcano Vaporizer Review and i had lots of fun in the process of creating this site. I want to thank everyone for sending me feedback, posting comments and reading my articles, i appreciate that.

See you all in the new Year im off to my family during the Holidays. Make sure to check back in 2009 as i have major plans for this site in mind!

Best regards

Volcano Classic vs. Volcano Digit

December 21, 2008 by info · 1 Comment
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Lots of people are asking what the difference is between the Volcano Digit and the Volcano Classic and which one to choose. Unfortunately i dont have the possibility to test one of those devices myself. But i looked up some blogs and user forums to make sure that i can get some first hand, consumers point of view information to you guys.

Basically, the main difference between the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit is that you have more control over the heating temperature with the Volcano Digit. Using its big LED screen you can adjust the temperature much more precisely than using the knob on the Volcano Classic. While the Volcano Classic has a temperature accuracy of +/- 9 degrees Fahrenheit, the Volcano Digit has an accuracy of +/- 2,7 degrees Fahrenheit. This might be especially interesting for people using the Volcano Vaporizer for aroma therapy and using lots of different plants with different vaporization temperatures.

There are lots of users reporting that due to the increased precision of the Volcano Digit it has a higher effectiveness than the Volcano Classic. Apparently even less plant material is needed using the Volcano Digit since you have more control and can choose the heating temperature more exactly to match the vaporization temperature of the specific plant you want to vaporize.

Additionally, a user at a medical marijuana patients forum reports that the Volcano Digit fills up the bag way faster than the Volcano Classic, taking only 21 seconds! This might be a point worth considering for the unpatient users.

Another neat feature is that the Volcano Digit turns itself off after a period of time. So if you pass out you dont have to worry about the Volcano running all night and wasting energy.

Personally im using the Volcano Classic and im very happy with it. You will have to decide for yourself if those new features are worth the extra cash to you.


Is the Volcano Vaporizer addictive?

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Lots of people are wondering wether the Volcano Vaporizer is as addictive as other ways of consumption. To answer this question properly i have to go into the topic of addiction itself first.

Addiction can be divided in two parts, there is physical addiction and psychic addiction. Physical addiction is the kind of addiction where your body gets dependent on the intake of certain chemicals and you experience physical withdrawal symptoms if you stop the intake of these chemicals. For example if you smoke cigarettes daily your body gets dependent on the nicotine. Now if you stop smoking and stop the flow of nicotine into your body you will experience withdrawal symptoms, like nervousness, agression, bad sleep, sweating, etc. After a detox period the body re-adjusts to the lack of substance that it was used to getting regularly and eventually the withdrawal symptoms disappear. The physical addiction is now over!

Psychic addiction on the other hand is a different kind of addiction, its the kind where your mind gets addicted to something. This is not only limited to the intake of substance but can be virtually everything. People can be (and are) addicted to TV, gambling, sex, power, money. Now im no expert in this field and going to deep into this topic would also be inappropriate for this site. But from my understanding scientists explain psychic addiction in a way, that the substance or action of choice leads to a release of chemicals in the brain that makes the person who experience this feel good. This itself is not a problem but people can become addicted to those experiences and feelings exactly like they can become to substances themselves.

So to sum it up, phyiscal addiction can be described as an addiction of the body to a substance, while psychic addiction can be described as an addiction of the mind to a substance or an action.

Now to get back to the initial question, wether the Volcano Vaporizer is addictive or not. The answer is Yes and No.

If you smoke weed to get away from your problems or feelings, if you abuse marijuana, then the Volcano Vaporizer will help you not at all with this addiction. If you switch from smoking to the Volcano you will still be psychically addicted, you will just have a different form of consumption.

On the other hand lots of people smoke their marijuana mixed with tobacco and become physically addicted to the nicotine theyre smoking. So if you switch from smoking to the Volcano Vaporizer it can definitely help you overcome your physical addiction. As described in my other article you can easily quit your nicotine addiction without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

So the conclusion is, the Volcano Vaporizer is not a magic pill which will erase your addiction. But it can help you get over your physical addiction and make it easier for you to deal with the psychic addiction then. And lets not forget that this device does virtually no damage to your lungs, so if you are addicted to Marijuana, you might aswell vaporize instead of smoking it and ruining your lungs in the process ;)


Get high with the Volcano Vaporizer

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In this post i want to talk a bit about the high that the Volcano Vaporizer produces.

Everyone who has tried out the Volcano Vaporizer will affirm you that the high you get from this device is slightly different from the high you would get from bongs, joints or pipes.

The high from the Volcano Vaporizer is a very smooth kind of high, that slowly builds up after inhaling the baloon. Especially if you are used to smoking bong regularly (and even more if you mix with tobacco) you might actually be disappointed by this kind of high, because bong smokers usually are used to the BANG effect you get when you take a bong hit.

But the problem is that this BANG isnt even produced by the marijuana itself, but rather by the rapid intake of high amounts of nicotine. Its is very very unhealthy and also very addictive. I personally know people who have to take a hit like every 30 mins to an hour because they are so addicted to this BANG produced by the nicotine and all the chemicals in tobacco. So if you are a regular bong user i would advise you to try out a Volcano Vaporizer, see if you like or dislike the difference in the effect you get and maybe use that as a chance to easily get over your tobacco addiction and get that healthy smoke into your life!

On the other hand if your preferred way of smoking is joints or pipes then you will simply love the Volcano Vaporizer. Due to the nature of the Vaporization method you can appreciate the taste and effect of cannabis much more than with regular combustion. If you have access to different strains of cannabis you will propably have a great time appreciating the fine differences in taste and effect between the different strains, as they come out much more clearly than with smoking. In my opinion, the Volcano Vaporizier is a must for every real cannaisseur!

For me personally, the biggest advantage is that i can enjoy marijuana pure without mixing it with tobacco. This gets me a much more smooth high and virtually no paranoia, which i sometimes used to get when mixing with tobacco.

Finally, never forget the effectiveness of the Volcano Vaporizer! The vaporization method is much more effective than regular combustion and you need half or less plant material than you would need with smoking. Many first time users are suprised how high you can get from very small amounts of weed. So dont make the mistake to load up a HUGE bowl if you havent experienced the high of the Volcano Vaporizer before, at least not if you have something to do in the next few hours ;)


Quit smoking with the Volcano Vaporizer

November 25, 2008 by info · 4 Comments
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A point that should be obvious but that i havent gotten into yet on a deeper level, is that you can easily quit smoking cigarettes with the Volcano Vaporizer.

You can use the Volcano Vaporizer to inhale tobacco, just like lots of other plants. So this way you can still enjoy the effects of tobacco without inhaling any of the toxins that are involved with the combustion process. You can slowly reduce the amount of tobacco youre inhaling and eventually quit it alltogether. The advantage with this procedure is that you dont have to experience any withdrawal symptoms that can appear when you just quit smoking “cold turkey”. If you have tried to quit smoking at once before then you might have experienced sweating, nervousness and general tension. If you slowly reduce the intake of nicotine these effects will not appear!

Also there is no second-hand smoke involved to harm any of the people around you. A point that should be taken into consideration especially if you live together with other people.

If you choose to use the Volcano Vaporizer to inhale tobacco, remember that you need less material using the Vaporization method. Half or less than you would usually smoke should be enough to get the desired effect!

The correct vaporization temperature for tobacco is 125C to 150C (257F to 302F).
In this other post you can also check out other vaporization temperatures.

Additionally, lets say you have already quit smoking cigarettes but want to continue on smoking marijuana, be it for medical or recreational reasons, then you should really consider getting a Volcano Vaporizer. It allows you to consume marijuana without mixing it with tobacco in a very pleasurable way. This way you dont have to fear falling back into nicotine addiction again if you dont want to give up on your favourite herb ;)

Actually for me this is the main reason i got myself a Volcano Vaporizer, because i dont like to smoke marijuana pure, its too rough on my lungs. Especially after i have quit smoking cigarettes! I tried mixing with lots of other herbs too, like Damiana, industrial hemp or even tea. But none of those gave me a pleasurefull smoking experience. So since i didnt want to give up marijuana together with cigarettes the Volcano is the perfect way of consumption for me.


Volcano Vaporizer custom watercooling

November 24, 2008 by info · 1 Comment
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Check out this video i found on youtube, this guy basically uses a bong to water-cool the smoke from the Volcano Vaporizer. What a brilliant idea!

With this technique you can also resolve the problem of lung irritation from the smoke that i discussed in this post.

Amazing idea really, too bad i dont have a bong so i can try this out myself right now.
But ill see if i can get this to work on one of my buddies bongs. Ill keep you updated about this!

I know that some bong manufacturers will customize you a glass slider fitting to the Volcano Vaporizer balloon for little money. So that might be an idea worth checking out if you want the two devices but your bong is incompatible to the Volcano Vaporizer balloon


Economy of the Volcano Vaporizer

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In this post i want to talk a bit about the biggest disadvantage of the Volcano Vaporizer, the price!
Lets face it, thats a whole lot of dough. I remember when i first heard about a smoking device that costs more than 500 dollars i thought “wow, i’d rather spend that money on weed”.

But lets see what actually justifies the high price of this device.
The Volcano Vaporizer is a high-quality device made in Germany. Storz & Bickel is so confident with the quality of their product that they offer a three-year warranty on every Volcano Vaporizer they sell. Thats a great service, even though i have yet to hear about a case where the volcano gets broken. If you have seen the Volcano device in real you may have noticed that its built very solidly and i dont think you can destroy it that easily. Unfortunately i dont have the financial ressources to put the Volcano device to the test and see how much stress and damage it can actually endure. I’d rather enjoy my Volcano a bit more. Now if someone donates me the money i would go out, buy a seperate Volcano Vaporizer and see how much damage it can handle, but i dont think thats gonna happen too soon (if you want to donate for scientifical reasons contact me via e-mail ;)).

But apart from the high quality that justifies the price of the Volcano Vaporizer there is another factor that should not be underestimated. As i alreayd mentioned in this post the vaporization method is superior to combustion in terms of effectiveness. You need less plant material to get the desired effect. Try it! You will be surprised how little herb you need to get the desired effect from it, its way fewer than smoking.

Another nice side-effect of the vaporization method is that you can re-use the plant material because it doesnt get destroyed in the process, like it would with combustion. You can re-use the same herbs 3-4 times and still get an effect, even though it gets weaker every time of course. When the plant material turns brown-ish then you should stop re-cycling it. When it turns black thats a sign you’ve overdone it.

So if you are a regular user and take these two facts into account you may realize that in the long run you can actually SAVE money with the Volcano Vaporizer!

But i dont want you to believe me this. I want you to go to your next headshop that lets you try out the Volcano Vaporizer and see for yourself. Check out how much plant material you need to use and how many times you can re-cycle it, seriously give it a try! You will propably be as amazed as i was when i discovered this the first time.


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