Effects of a Vaporizer


The entire body becomes affected through the act of inhaling smoke and herbs that are burnt, however a vaporizer is a smoking device that creates vapour through the use of an indirect heating element. This type of heating extracts the active ingredients from plants but without the harmful carcinogens that are produced through other smoking methods.

Effects of a Vaporizer

Vapour Quality

When a flame is used for the burning and smoking of herbs or tobacco it creates a smoke that can then be inhaled. When the smoke is too hot it is able to burn your throat as well as your lungs which can then cause coughing.

You are able to have more control over the temperature with a vaporizer. With a vaporizer you will inhale a warm smoke that will not likely irritate your throat as much as smoke does. If you find that your throat is still being irritated through the use of a vaporizer, you are able to attach a glass mouthpiece of the vaporizer to a water pipe. The cool water is then able to reduce the temperature of the vapour. This will not kill the taste or the ingredients in the vapour.

Vapor Content

When a plant matter is burned it will release smoke that contains the harmful by products. Tobacco in particular is extremely harmful as it produces glycotoxins which results in a higher rate of getting cancer and diseases.

Vaporizers on the other hand reduce the presence of these harmful by products according to leafscience.com, as the plant matter is boiled instead of being burnt.

Health and Efficiency

Smoking herbs can be part of a cultural practice or they are smoked for homeopathic treatments for various disorders like stress. However burning and smoking herbs can have the opposite effect as it can kill the essential ingredients that you are looking for.

Vaporizers dramatically reduce harmful by products which then mean that the health effects are then limited to those intended physiological impact of the active ingredient. This then makes vaporizers a healthier alternative where you will be able to get the full benefit of the plant matter that you are vaporizing.