Doubts with the Volcano Vaporizer

November 4, 2008 by info
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I noticed sometimes when i’m using the Volcano Vaporizer im getting a bit of a sore throat afterwards. Its not too bad and unlike smoking, where i get nasty cough and feel the impact on my lungs immediately. It feels more like my throat is simply a bit more sensitive and sore than usual.

None of my friends who use this device experienced anything like this, they are all very happy with the Volcano. So i was wondering wether i have simply very sensitive lungs (which is the case by the way, especially since i stopped smoking cigarettes) or maybe the Volcano Vaporizer isn’t so healthy and harmless as its marketed after all. I got my doubts because all of my vaporizing buddies also smoke cigarettes and i got the thought that maybe their lungs simply aren’t as sensitive from all the smoking. So i decided to do some research on the topic.

I found this study from the Institute of Technology at the University of Leiden that came to the conclusion that “the final pulmonal uptake of THC is comparable to the smoking of cannabis, while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking”. (source)

So far so good but still why the irritation in my lungs? Don’t get me wrong its not a huge thing and it goes away after a while and is very different from the felt impacts on my lungs by smoking. But i just wanted to find this out and decided to dug a little deeper.

And finally in another study by D. Gieringer published in the journal of Cannabis Therapeutics i found the little sidenote that “A puff of strong vaporized cannabis
will occasionally elicit a cough. This could be entirely due to THC”.
(source page 17)

So at last i could be at rest about my Volcano Vaporizer again and finally use it with a clear conscience again. You may wonder why i am so picky about this and delve so deep into this topic but you have to know that used to smoke cigarettes for nearly 10 years and after i quit that my lungs got very sensitive to any kind of smoke. Yet i didn’t want to let go of my favourite herb and that’s why i ended up with the Volcano and i was very happy with it until i discovered this little detail.

Since i tend to tell all my friends how happy i am with the Volcano Vaporizer and encourage them to get one too and stop destroying their lungs i simply wanted to make sure i can do this with a clear conscience.

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2 Comments on Doubts with the Volcano Vaporizer

  1. Kahman on Sat, 15th Nov 2008 21:46
  2. Interesting. Have a friend who gave up Stortz-Bickel Bros after some (heavy) daily usage. Personal frequency 2-3 times per month with no problem, apppreciate the taste & clear hit.

  3. vapo-master on Sun, 16th Nov 2008 13:20
  4. Hello Kahman, thx for posting your comment!
    Could you elaborate this a bit more please? Did your friend switch to a different vaporizer, go back to smoking or just quit alltogether?

    What were the problems that made him give up the Volcano Vaporizer?

    I noticed you can reduce the lung irritation by using lower temperatures and not getting this very “thick” smoke in the balloon. This did the trick for me.


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