Swiss Made Vapman Excellency


When you first see the Vapman you will be drawn to it because of the case, it is a completely unique design and something that has never been seen on a vaporizer before.

The Vapman is made by the Swiss and is a hand crafted portable vaporizer. When you first see it, you may think that it is just something of a novelty, but it has impressive performance and is different to the more conventional vaporizers around.


There are similar vaporizers that produce a good quality vape, but tend to leave a plastic taste in your mouth. These vaporizers also lack the preferable temperature setting and there are even some that burn the plant material instead of vaporizing it.

With the Vapman you have all of the power. It comes with a jet flame lighter that you will use to heat the gold plated copper heat sink. It is advised that you should have a controlled two to three second bursts so that you get the best performance from the Vapman.

As you are able to control the heat as well as the airflow with the holes on top you are able to get your preference of thickness of vapor. You will need to experiment and practice this, but once you have got the hang of it then you will vape with the best.

The only problem is the amount of fuel that you can have in your lighter, but with a battery-operated vaporizer you could have a similar issue.

There are a few little issues with the Vapman, but overall it is Swiss Excellency.

Once you know how to use the Vapman you can vape your dry herbs in no time at all.