Volcano Hybrid Tips

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is just as easy to use as its sibling models. If you want to dose using capsules, you’ll need to get some from an online vendor like Amazon, but if you’re going to be doing larger doses (more than one gram), then you might consider buying a Volcano hybrid reducer instead. Once you’ve placed the Volcano Hybrid Filling chamber back onto the device, just set your desired temperature and let it heat up for a few minutes before using it. It’s faster than previous models, too. It takes just under 40 seconds for the hybrid to heat up enough to be useful.

I’ve been using this method on the volcano hybrid vape for about 2 years now, and I’m happy with it. It works well enough that I don’t have to worry about wasting any herbs if I screw something up. The only thing is that you need to be careful not to overfill the chamber, because then when you turn it back into a capsule, it will explode. This happened to me once, but luckily I was able to catch it before it exploded.

Volcano Hybrid Key Features?

  1. New ceramic-coated heating chamber
  2. Hybrid Convection Heating
  3. Digital Display
  4. Precise Temperature Control
  5. Balloon Inflation System
  6. Tube Attachment
  7. Improved Heater
  8. Bluetooth App
  9. Isolated Air path

Best Temp for Volcano Hybrid

It has a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +250°C (-40°F to 572°F). People who use the classic volcano vaporizer often find themselves frustrated by its inability to maintain an exact temperature setting.   It’s great for vaping any type of herb, whether it be cannabis, kief, hashish, etc., and even blends such as waxes, oils, tinctures, extracts, and concentrates.

Volcano Hybrid´s Vapor Quality 

Both the Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Classic Vaporizers have legendary and top-notch vapor qualities. A great taste, powerful cloud production, and total extractions.

It was not nearly as flavorful and pure as some of its competitors, but the new Volcano Hybrid gave you much more of this flavor than others did.

As far as flavor and vapor quality go, the new Volcano hybrid is quite different from its predecessors. While they’re both heaters, the heating elements used in each type of heater are slightly different. In addition to providing an extra layer of insulation for the coil, a new stainless steel ring inside the chamber area also produces a tiny bit of conductive heating, which helps create thicker clouds and extractions from the herbs.

In the end, even though the Volcano Hybrid isn’t quite as good as one could hope for, it’s still pretty darn close. Flavorsome, potent, and thick smooth. It’s not just any old place; it’s a magical new place!

Manufacturing Quality 

Storz & Bickel are known for their legendary build quality. Many people with a Volcano Classic bought over a decade ago still enjoy tip-top performance. Still built in their state-of-the-art facility in Germany, the reliability and dependability of any Storz & Bickel device is about as perfect as you can get. Those Germans and their perfect engineering!

How To Use The Volcano Hybrid?

We strongly suggest reading through the whole user guide before using the product for the first time. There are lots of small and useful things you can do to improve the experience for yourself when using the Volcano Hybrid.

After that, however, sharing with friends or people who don’t know you well may be harder than you think. Have them sit down and either fill up an empty balloon so they can use their breath to blow into it, or simply have them breathe through the end of the whip. Once the vapors start falling off, pop in another dose. Just be sure not to get any hot spots from the capsules.

How To Clean The Volcano Hybrid?

It may be a bit more complicated than cleaning an ordinary unit but not by too much. Dosing capsules keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimal level because they’re small enough for you to swallow without having to open them up first. We don’t recommend using any kind of screen cleaner without first removing the protective film from the display surface. You’ll want to keep a volcano hybrid cleaning kit at hand for when you need it.

Volcano Hybrid Whip

With its ability to perform either ballooning or whipping, herb or cannabis extract extraction, the Volcano Hybrid desktop is among the most versatile desktops available today.

Arizer Extreme Q was the first vaporizer to hold that title, as its “whip” design is something it lords over the volcano. With its hybrid design, the Whip has taken the crown as one of the best portable vapes available today.

Overall Experience 

Most expensive desktop vaporizer – king of the desktops? Of course, It might be strange if you pay $700 for something like that, but there’s nothing wrong with trying new things. Maybe it is. It was one of the first portable vapes available for sale online. With no question at all.   We were so impressed by the new features and improvements found inside the Volcano Hybrid that we just had to give it our highest recommendation!

It has an excellent vapor quality, but its app functionality allows for some pretty cool things too! You can actually use it like a remote vape pen by heating it up remotely from anywhere. Put some water into a pan and put the heating element inside the microwave oven. Then place the balloon on top of the heating element. Tell the app to start cooking. Balloons waiting for you when you get home.

If you’re looking for an everyday vape that offers great flavor without any compromises, then the Volcano Hybrid might be just what you need. It has an output capacity of up to 230 watts, which makes it one of the most powerful heaters available today. Don’t worry, don’t stress! Just fire away and let us take care of everything for you

It may be worth upgrading if you’re looking for an easy way to get into VR without having to buy a new headset. Yes, they perform better than the original Volcano, but the others still rock people’s worlds and you aren’t missing out on anything by sticking with them. We’ll be posting a comparison soon!

Volcano Hybrid Warranty

We back our products for three years against defects in materials and manufacturing. If something goes wrong during that time period we’ll fix it free of charge. We’re happy to help! If you’d like to speak with someone at our company, please call (888) 822-5221. It doesn’t cover any kind of physical damage or natural deterioration of performance. In case anything happens to your Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We’ll be glad to assist you!

In The Volcano Hybrid Box?

1 x Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
1 x Power Cord
3 x EASY Valve Balloon w/ Mouthpiece
1 x Tube Kit
1 x Filling Chamber (cap ring and screen included)
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x Volcano Herb Mill