Volcano Vaporizer Review


Storz and Bickel is a German based company that created the Volcano Vaporizer. They produce high quality vaporizers and the Volcano Vaporizer is no different when it comes to the quality, performance and durability.

The Volcano Vaporizer comes in two styles those being the classic and the digital.

The classic Volcano Vaporizer has a dial style design that allows you to set your desired vape temperature. The heating dial has a range from 1 to 9. In the manual you will be able to find a diagram of the dial which will explain to you the temperature range of each of these numbers. The temperature range of the classic is between130°C and 230°C.

The digital Volcano Vaporizer features a large and an easy to read LED display with clearly seen ‘+’ and ‘-‘buttons so that the vaporizer temperature can be easily changed. The digital Volcano Vaporizer also features an auto switch off function.  The temperature range for the digital Volcano Vaporizer is between 40°C and 230°C. The temperature ranges between these two models has to do with the digital accuracy of the Digital Volcano.

The classic and the digital use an easy valve and solid valve balloon technology.

The solid valve is durable and re-usable where you are able to choose the balloon size. It is also cheaper than the easy valve, but you will need to take it apart so that you are able to clean it.

The easy valve can be described as maintenance free as there is no cleaning involved but it has a pre-set balloon.

With the solid valve you are able to buy the balloon separately which in the long run will help you to save some money as you will need to buy both the balloon and the valve.

The Volcano vaporizer is the best option if you have the money as they are the best herbal vaporizer and will last a long time because of the build quality.

The Volcano Vaporizer is all about choice and what is best to your needs and what you are looking to get out of the vaporizer.

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